How to lock your coverstitch 

Last night I made the Love Notions LDT (LaundryDayTee) with the free  tank version. This pattern was free for quite awhile if you joined the FB page but now is at a discounted price.

After finding out I didn’t have enough fabric for a tank dress that I was planning to make, I decided to use the fabric to try the tank version of the LDT.

The fabric was a slippery bamboo knit/5% lycra, hot pink. I did the V-neck version.

I sewed the bands with a regular sewing machine so they lay nice and flat. Plus the banding instructions for the V-neck are sewn at angles in order to make a V.

Lots of coverstitching with this top, my favorite stitch.

People often ask how to secure the ends after coverstitching. It’s really pretty simple.

Here are a few tips I do when coverstitching.

This is the BabyLock coverstitch foot. I love it. When sewing, I am not looking at the needles, I am watching the spot where the arrow is pointed, just an occasional glance at the needles. I know exactly how far I want the stitch from the fold of fabric. I usually have the stitch length at 3. When coming to a area that has a lump of serged fabric underneath, I get ready to help the fabric go under the presser foot with out stitching in one place (cause of the bulk). What is so nice about the BabyLock Ovation is that I can put either hand behind the foot and guide or pull lightly so that the fabric keeps the same pace. Does that make sense?

When I get to the end of a hem or band I make sure the lines of stitching are in line with the coverstitch foot.

Then when I get to the stitches I either stop or continue for a stitch or two, then I ‘lock’ the stitch like this:

This hex screwdriver comes with the machine.

Lift the presser foot and pull the top threads towards the front of the machine.

Then clip the threadsThen pull the fabric towards the back of the machine. This in effect, locks the threads underneath.

That is how to lock your coverstitch threads !


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