Essential Tank

I really think this is an essential tank. So many options too. My first trial of this pattern by  Patterns for Pirates turned out pretty much perfecto. Still searching for a summer tank dress, I decided to start with the racerback tee option and make a exercise top.

The fabric is 4-way stretch specifically for activewear. From Zenith and Quasar.

I planned to put a little tag at the back neckband. Now I’m sure I cut it too short, but I still like it.

I tucked it in between the neck band and shirt back.

And just serged it all together.

I also put a little loop down on the lower right side.

The neck and arm bands are the perfect size. 1 3/4″ with a half inch seam. I really like how that turns out. Most other patterns are wider.

I made it tight as I plan to wear it while exercising with a jog bra underneath. 

My favorite way to put a band on is to use this fancy pen. It’s a friction pen and when ironed, it disappears. Made by Pilot.

I sew the band together, turn, iron, then divide the band in quarters , and mark right on the fabric. Works better than pins that tend to fall out. Mark the shirt in quarters too. Then match up the marks. While sewing a band on, stretch the band and not the shirt!

To start serging , I like to cut into the fabric and take about an inch out. I start at the underarm in this case. 

I look at the mark at the lower arrow. The band will be the same width if you look there. Find where you want your measurement. The serged side is a half inch seam. If you don’t know, use your 6-inch gauge and measure from the needle to a mark on the machine. I use the L. My needle is in the right side. For some reason I always use the right side when I do a 3-thread overlock seam. Doesn’t really matter if you know your seam allowance is correct.

So both sides of the band are constantly the same. It’s also important to know where the bottom piece of fabric is. It has to be perfectly in line with the band or you may miss serging it all together.

After you serge the bands to the garment, it will look a mess. Something like this:

See how curly it is? Time to iron.

Then the fun part.


For the neck and arm holes, I used a narrow double coverstitch.

There’s my little loop in the back and I just coverstitched right over it.

For the side seams and shoulder seams I used the triple coverstitch.

Here’s a view from the front with the hot pink jog bra on.
Back view: img_9948
I will be making more. ☺️


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