Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions

I had just enough left over fabric for something little. I decided to make a short tee out of the 4-way stretch fabric that I had previously made into a pencil skirt. 

The Ovation was set up for cover stitching and the Evolution was set up for serging. This week I was asked if I wanted to sell my Evolution. After today’s sewing, I don’t think I could do it. Having 2 sergers is great. I just happen to have 2 that do coverstitching. A bit overboard. 

I cut the shirt as long as I could with the fabric I had. Wish I had a few more inches but I’m being thrifty I guess. 

With this super duper stretchy fabric, I stay-stitched the shirt with my regular machine. Use a regular stitch, not a stretch stitch. This will keep the shirt from stretching as you attach the neckband. 

I stitched my neckband ends with my regular sewing machine too.  See how flat the seam is? 

To put the band on, I mark the shirt and the band in 4 quarters. Starting in the middle of the back. I love this marking tool from Clover. 

Then match up the seam of the neckband to the middle of the back and attach with the little clip. Clip every marked area. 

When you hold up the shirt, you can see that the band is smaller. Should be about 80% smaller than the neck opening. Otherwise you will have a gaping neckband and it will look sloppy.

Decide what mark you are going to use which depends on how wide you want the band. I decided on this:

Keep the 3 layers of fabric even on the right side. Check it every once in awhile while you are serging to make sure the shirt is even with the band. Does that make sense? Otherwise the shirt edge that you can’t see may end up not getting stitched with the band. Not a good thing.

As you serge keep your eyeballs on that mark on the foot where that lower orange arrow is. That is how you will keep your band the exact same size. Otherwise you may have a half inch band on part of the shirt and a quarter inch on the other side. That is not a good thing either if you want your shirt to look professionally sewn. 

While you are serging, don’t look at the needles, don’t look at the blade, look at the spot on the foot. You decide on the spot and keep your eyes there. 

To put the sleeves on, I used the clips and I definitely like using them. 

I decided to coverstitch the sleeve seams and the side seams. Makes them look so nice and also makes them look good on the inside. 

This was a quick sew. I really wanted to be making another dress today but this fabric was on the cutting table and I needed to get rid of it.

Now I have a cute little shirt. 

I added this little label to the side seam. I think I’ll move it up a few inches. 

Now back to cutting out my dress….


2 thoughts on “Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions

  1. Hi Janice, I bought the Ovation! I’ll pick it up next week. When you did your sleeves and side seams with the cover stitch did you first serge them together and then do the cover stitch?


    1. I probably do it the long way but it looks good. If the seams are 3/8″ allowance, I serge the raw edges, iron flat, then cover stitch either with the straight stitches on the right side or if I want the look of the triple cover stitch, you do that on the wrong side. Make sense? Which look are you going for?


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