Another Essential Tank by P4P

I like this tank so much. I had the super soft brushed poly fabric to make a dress with. The same pattern as the previous 2 I made except I did the regular sleeveless version. For whatever reason it was a bit snug in the hips. Maybe it was the fabric, maybe I gained weight, I’m not sure. I had enough fabric to make a shorter version but after seeing it done, I decided to turn it into a tunic length version. 

The black is such a basic, I decided to sew a coverstitch seam right down the middle of the front and the back. Looks just like a twinstitch. Makes this plain black not quite as boring. Although I never get tired of black. I used to have a whole closet full of black, beige, gray, off-white, and white. Oops, I forgot taupe. 😳. 

Here’s where you can see the the coverstitch and also the 3-inch hem. Very easy to do with the Ovation with that wide harp. 

I also shortened the shoulder seams because this fabric stretches so much and I prefer the higher front. Those are the only things I changed on the pattern. 

Hard to see black!

Can’t forget my label. 


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